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One Truth – Unique perspectives

August 1, 2010

Projections of your mind to have a limited type of personality to guide you – your idol – does not exist on this dimension as of now. Each ‘one’ achieves and arrives at The Truth from a unique perspective fit for their ‘needs’ as defined by their innermost beliefs, nature and desires. No one can bring down a ‘truth tablet’ that can satisfy the thirst of every seeker – no matter how deeper or how higher you go – for that’s how the creation is and will remain forever. Uniqueness in each seeker – each eye – to ‘see’ the truth from myriad of possibilities in his/her version that satisfies him/her completely. Don’t even try to think of deriving a Kriya or a piece of knowledge that you can pass on to one and all like a ‘one for all packet’ – nay – never ever.

Instead you define what you love – what version you love the most – which as per your understanding satisfies you the most with least doubts and unanswered /unsolved mysteries – that which you think is a universal or rather ‘para-truth’ beyond all beyonds – valid even in absence of all concepts/assumptions.

Then as you love it, you love to share it – then share it the way you would love to share it. There is no right or wrong way – there is a way which you have walked and loved and realized and there are numerous others which you don’t  adhere to – comply to – believe in – or have faith in. So the way on which you have walked is the best way for you as well as all those who are going to touch your frequency ever.

Simple? Rishi and Augustus are never ever going to fully agree on even one aspect of The Truth.. as both are true from their own perspectives. Even a third person judging who is right or wrong among them is impossible – as the third person is again going to have a third unique perspective – which is also true!

– The Mysterious One

Conversations with The Mysterious One Preview

August 27, 2009
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Who is my True Guru?

December 20, 2008

Telecast rights of my broadcast are not owned by any single individual – not even you. Remember that very well.  I operate from realm of Oneness and I can never forget of you being me – and me being you. So your overall progress is my only priority and only task. I have no other ‘agenda’ like any other guru/master who is ‘external’ to you. They have their own agenda as per their understanding of reality and their role in it.

There is no gender issue here… I am father-mother-brother-sister…  your true master. True Master should be emphasized. For True Master is only One – in each of you. External master is not your ‘True Master’ – however great he/she is. For there are restrictions in this freedom-duality-3D world to the extent to which they can or will help you – in truest of sense. I have full rights over you if you talk in legal language. For I have been planning, re-planning and implementing plans of your development moment to moment, for our greater glory in All-That-Is multiverse.

Freedom of choice entitles each individual soul to their style, pace and limit of growth – to which they wish to ‘become’. Becoming every moment – changing every moment – evolving every moment. But at core- Being One – remains unaltered witness. That I AM – your Truest Master – for there is no other master.. in fact no one Else!

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