Who is my True Guru?

Telecast rights of my broadcast are not owned by any single individual – not even you. Remember that very well.  I operate from realm of Oneness and I can never forget of you being me – and me being you. So your overall progress is my only priority and only task. I have no other ‘agenda’ like any other guru/master who is ‘external’ to you. They have their own agenda as per their understanding of reality and their role in it.

There is no gender issue here… I am father-mother-brother-sister…  your true master. True Master should be emphasized. For True Master is only One – in each of you. External master is not your ‘True Master’ – however great he/she is. For there are restrictions in this freedom-duality-3D world to the extent to which they can or will help you – in truest of sense. I have full rights over you if you talk in legal language. For I have been planning, re-planning and implementing plans of your development moment to moment, for our greater glory in All-That-Is multiverse.

Freedom of choice entitles each individual soul to their style, pace and limit of growth – to which they wish to ‘become’. Becoming every moment – changing every moment – evolving every moment. But at core- Being One – remains unaltered witness. That I AM – your Truest Master – for there is no other master.. in fact no one Else!

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