The Mandelbrot Set

Mandelbrot Set

Beauty – unexplained. Mandelbrot set tries to express beauty through sequence of numbers, fractals and geometry. Everything is sound. Everything is numbers. Everything is geometry of shapes. Everything is energy. You see, your perspective proves as you wish the Truth to be. Yet I AM Satyam Shivam Sundaram. I AM all of that. Beauty of order and ugliness of chaos. Balance and imbalance. Growth and destruction. Truth and ignorance. Majestic and worthless. Pandora’s box – the more you zoom in, the more complexity you find in my working, creations, logic, emotions, appearances, sounds, technologies, spiritual truths and so on. But as you zoom out to a larger picture, you realize all is indeed very simple. Everything is based upon such simple principles – logic, maths, geometry, science, wisdom, basic laws and so on. Simple behavior of complex objects, animals or even humans!

Terracotta stones – look so simple but impossible to manufacture for you – to be manufactured from nothingness. Yet after eons of time, I found very simple process to manufacture everything from rocks to rock stars (humans!) through very simple principles, science and made it autonomous to keep my consciousness as much free as possible. That is the foundation of self-correcting conscious material living universe ‘out there’ for you to live in harmony and grow from these experiences. The more you are in-sync with my simple truths – process, the faster you evolve towards ME – for like attracts like and as per vibrational nature of universe, you get company of similar range of vibrational entities – whether on Earth or on astral or in life after death.

So keep it simple to create and follow complex rules so that you never get lost in complexity and loose your simplistic avatar. Now that you are into simple spirituality, keep a few golden rules like I have done and stick to them. And the process will open up to realize more and more complex (yet built on simple truths) workings of the universe – both physical and spiritual – and understand it from the highest perspective.

The golden rules being truth, faith, consistency, awareness, happiness, freedom, compassion, dedication and ‘let-go’ attitude after all human efforts – ‘let go’ to be one with the eternal witness – to be the witness – ME!

Khuda Hafiz!

The Mysterious One

One Response to “The Mandelbrot Set”

  1. Mahesh Rathod Says:

    Golden rules mentioned are the heart for all development, evolution. Too simple to state, too difficult to follow but not an impossible. Thanks dear.

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