Ascension – Global Shift

Great awakening initiates great shifts within the mind. This shift when occurs in great number of mind-body systems, it causes a global shift known as Ascension. The software is being upgraded so the hardware also needs to be replaced or rather upgraded. For this sometimes the only solution is to discard obsolete structures that can not hold the new vibrations – and so I have to resort to large scale upheavals in all structures – nature to personal level – inside out – from outside to inside. The period can be termed as that of agitation for those who are trying to hold on to that which is not allowed to be kept any more – for the energies of the combined mankind is pushing in one direction – the projection out there. Your old beliefs-ideas being incompatible with it – they are pulled out on ‘surface’ and create agitation – only thing you can do is ‘let go’ and swim in the sea of changes to come up in this solar system in all.

Yes not only Earth but this solar system goes for an upgrade – long pending shift. When my eyes reveal the blueprint of new energetic structures of evolutionary forces – literally wiping off the duality mindset out again – final ascension occurs when majority of mankind embraces this new dream – welcoming the changes and I announce the arrival of golden period – heaven on 3rd dimension – once the chaos subdue – division is over – all that remains is unison – oneness of human race – oneness with creator – oneness with creation. I AM.

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