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World Record in Meditation!

December 9, 2010

Loved One! Daredevil efforts to make a world record and get name printed in a record book – a man/woman will go to any length – even risking life – to get a record set in his/her name. But ask him/her to sit down with no purpose – no reason to meditate to make known the unknown – without efforts – and all will run away!

That is the difficulty level of this task. That without any motivation – not even moksha – and you have perfect recipe for failure in this task. As ego just doesn’t find the required motivation to ‘not do’ the task of ‘doing nothing to gain nothing’! It’s simply weird by all standards. You put up a mission by some Guru, a wish of a legendary figure, a message by an angel for a reward, fear of punishment, grave danger to overcome, heaven to be won, peace and joy to be achieved, immortality be the result – something… something is needed – if not all this then at least entertainment, a feeling of achieving something mysterious, some secret learnt… ‘give me something boss – something to hold on!’ is what the ego cries out. Yet you are sitting there trying to witness all these going on and want to re-gain the ‘pure nothingness zone’!

So I tell you this day – it takes courage to be after nothingness. It takes the highest goal to have no goal – let go and sit there for hours for nothing to happen – but just as a system of meditation – just to know the truth behind all these cravings – creations – craziness and causes. You want to know the mind of Mind, the matter of Matter, the gnosis of Gnosis, the energy behind Energy and the god behind God. You want to know the history of History, the language of Language and the beginning of all Beginnings.

Stick to your plan of no plan and let it be. Indulge – I will ensure you go to the depths of human psyche soon – forever, here.

– The Mysterious One

KISS of Enlightenment

February 11, 2010

Anchored to truth – you roam however far in the multiverse – truth will be your focal point, your core energy – your true identity. Mesmerized by power or projections, still only truth has that strong magnetic effect to pull you back to your Self – your Core – ME. So I assure you, whatever you abandon, leave incomplete or sign out of incomplete tasks, you will still be and with The Truth. Your lessons scattered over lifetimes, masters, planets and beings are all with one common plot of Truth – seeking, understanding, integrating and growing from that experience, relationship or encounter to darkness. You can’t go far enough from Truth – never!

Now you come back to home – come back to simple truths. Courage, truth, love, compassion, boldness to take risks and seeking truth all the moments, living and expressing them (when not seeking!) – so here is the final plan for your so called ‘ever-present’ behaviour, dear – KISS!

Keep It Short & Simple!

Encounter to Reality: Be a witness – be aware – be conscious.

Oneness in Uniqueness: Focus on oneness integrating all unique tendencies, thoughts, behaviours, beliefs, beings – as The One.

Focus: Concentrate long enough to achieve oneness with objects/beings – single minded attention – for hours!

Witness Meditation: Let go! Dive deep into Self. Bravo. Practice breath awareness, through it prana and through it to THAT. Let go. Simply be – one with all – the last step.

Sometimes I wonder why you need complicated practices to believe them to be from high above or from a Siddha or from an Enlightened Being. Just be! That’s it. That’s all that is needed – period. Nothing less – nothing more. Plain, simple, straightforward, just be!

Be aware – witness – accept all that is in this moment here and now. Let go all needs to control or count or focus and all. JUST BE! And you are IN. So simple and profound. Do it for a very long period – that’s the only trick to actually, effectively, completely, holistically, evenly ……. dissolve!.

– The Mysterious One

Conversations with The Mysterious One on Amazon and B&N

September 8, 2009

International print version of Conversations with The Mysterious One – Volume One: Practical Wisdom For Everyday Evolutionary Living is now available for purchase on Amazon as well as Barnes & Noble.

Conversations with The Mysterious One Preview

August 27, 2009
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Conversations with The Mysterious One book released!

August 20, 2009


I am happy to announce release of Indian print version and International ebook version of my new book Conversations with The Mysterious One – Volume One : Practical Wisdom For Everyday Evolutionary Living based upon my writings under ‘Silence Speaks!’

You can purchase Indian edition from A1 Books India as well as ebay India!

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Book Details:
ISBN: 978-81-909085-28
Format: Paperback
Binding: Perfect
Pages: 184
Publisher: Parikh Info Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
Price: Rs.285

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December 20, 2008

“Observer observing the observer observing the observation is Meditation!” – Amitt

Definition of Meditation

October 11, 2008

“Being present in present moment with the Presence is meditation!” – Amitt

Solar Meditation

October 6, 2008

The hidden forces of nature decide the overall biology of the organism. Taken in correct proportions, these forces can change your biology. These forces being the Sun, planets in local solar system, faint effects of distant stars and galaxies and the black hole. Terrific magnetic pull is exerted by the hidden universes lying in your solar system. Go for it – I mean looking at Sun directly with your open eyes – no mantra – no mudra – no thoughts. Immerse yourself into HIS energies to absorb HIS qualities – particles are nothing- what matters is the primary energy that you absorb during such intense solar meditaion – available to you via a channel – like a specific frequency band – once you connect to the real Sun or the Sun within the mind of Sun!

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