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4 Responses to “Free YSR Newsletter”

  1. Kajal Says:

    Wat does ysr course includes?
    How many modules does it contain?
    How can I get access to it?

  2. Ravi Aiyer Says:

    I would like to know why abundance abounds for only a few whereas we, always, feel deprived. What is it that we, are lacking ??

    • Amitt Parikh Says:

      Hi Ravi,

      We all are gifted with abundance if you look at it from different perspective… however measuring everything with respect to money – it is a number game where only few can remain on top of the pyramid – and rest all feeling miserable looking at all above them (and never below them).

      By expanding perception and definition of wealth/abundance, this inner lack can be replaced with gratitude to the universe for the bestowed abundance.

      Love & Light!

      Amitt Parikh (The Mysterious One)

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