Body & Mind

Perfect Body, perfect mind, perfect soul. Perfection is a never ending process.

The finer you make your body & mind, the closer you come in contact with your divine source and the more you get transformed. Like the purging process, your conscious mind and your peripheral body has to be cleansed of all unwanted debris before I can enter into it as otherwise it will be catastrophic – for body will react strongly to the shock of divinity and in one shot all negativity will come to surface making you insane.

Hence this slow deliberate process of cleansing you my dear child. When I feel the time is right and ripened, I will not waste your single moment then. Till then, work on your self – which is right now surrender of all the egoistic forces and paying them as a homage to the Divine – be it Sai or Confucius or Silence. This will empty you quickly of all the garbage and in that emptiness the divinity will come down quickly without any side effects as the surface ego will then be anyway in surrender mode thereby not reacting yet trusting the energies, process, transformation.

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