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The Temple of Doom

March 23, 2015


“Temple of doom. That’s how you look at your body right now. Diseases, loss of stamina, crippled body parts, ageing process, environmental pollution affecting general health. Yet I tell you, human body is a marvellous piece of fusion of art, science (all sciences!), engineering, cosmology, technology and higher science in design of other ‘sheaths’ around it. It is such a vast integrated network of networks that you don’t have technology to decode it yet.

Mesmerized by the beauty of a curvy body, you forget the ugliness within! And those who consider the body as the illusion to dis-own and be fixed on soul only, miss the divinity of the body as an exact replica of cosmos.

Vast resources are filled with sciences related to human anatomy, yet they cover only the tip of the iceberg. Human mind can not fathom the divine blueprint within the human genome. I have given you everything, having spent considerable time of mine, in evolving this complex-simple design for maximum flexibility for a ‘free’ individuated part of me to take ‘birth’ in it, move around in it in this beautiful environment, learn to control it, be with it for a while and leave it with a beautiful ‘life story’ left behind.

‘You’ blossom because of this human body. It is designed for you to express through its various organs, expreience various illusionary stimulli, learn to respond to it appropriately and thereby learn the cosmic science, mysteries of life and evolve along with nature to achieve what you desired to achieve in time.

Krishna, Christ, Sai… you remember ME in the form of a human body. I worked through them – yet this ‘I AM’ is invisible behind this human body. It is meant to be like that for how else will you know the formless? This form, enables you to achieve oneness with the formless – the process known as Yoga – which is possible only through this ‘limited form’ – ‘limited psyche’ – ‘limited conscious’ individuated being.

Respect this temple of God. Respect each other’s body as only the One dwells in them. Feed the hungry. Quench thirst of the thirsty. Doing this, you serve ME.

How did the human body came into existence? Darwin’s theory of evolution? Who was Darwin? A human being? How would he know what transpired during billions of years of ‘my evolution’ even before a ‘human being’ was conceived of?

It is beyond your current state of comprehension to understand the circumstances and process ‘I AM’ went through before conceiving a ‘thought’ about this ‘energy structure’ and how the ‘evolution’ process ensured this form’s evolution fom primitive state to current level of mind-body structure. It is not only a ‘physical’ body to remind you! We are talking of ‘consciousness’ occupying this form having several bodies conncected all the way to the core in a highly complex matrix such that the One is never far away from the ‘one’ in the form.

The form also needed to be modified several times in order to achieve optimum balance between available knowledge and ‘blank slate’ to be able to exist and experience as an ‘individual’ with total freedom. Suppose you take birth will full knowledge, then there is no creative expression possible on ‘negative side’ for you, as you know who you are. Only with ‘ignorance’ – ‘amnesia’ can you really get a choice to move in any direction of polarity to really explore your complete self.

Viruses, diseases, violence, fears, amnesia, torture – mind you all these  terms were possible only with this experiment. And this provides a ‘platform’ for complete range of emotions to be explored, balanced and thereby achieve ‘higher balance’. From divine love to seduction – the range of just ‘love’ emotion explored here is so wide. If only souls existed as souls, do you see possibility of any creative wide range of emotions?

I adore my design, just the way you adore God. God is the Creator of this body form – the scientist, the engineer, the architect, the specialist – to remind you of how divine is this human body, again and again.

Don’t condemn it. See it truly. See and evaluate its ‘unique design’. How seamlessly all the different parts of body – cells of body, are connected and controlled by ‘one’ residing in it. How the body reacts to show you the truth about an event, expression or experience. You are sad and the body crumbles down – down to the last cell. You are joyful and the entire ‘factory’ with all its ‘workers’ runs smoothly with joy. You ‘go out’ (death) and this such a complex energy structure ‘dies’. Neither Shakti (energy) can live without Shiva (consciousness), nor Shiva can live without Shakti. Both are inseparable!”

– Excerpt from Conversations with The Mysterious One

Human Body & The Envelope!

December 8, 2012

Envelope is used as a temporary storage for carrying the information from one place or person to another place or person. Your body sheath is like an envelope only – it carries the consciousness between two nodes of birth and death – carrying the information – consciousness – and is being disposed off when its task is over; just like your torn apart the envelope once its use is over!

You don’t develop an affinity or affection for the envelope since it is a vessel for temporary storage and carriage only. Human body is just a vessel for carrying the soul-consciousness-mind from various evolutionary stages. However humans have developed a terrible misconception of giving full importance to the envelope and giving no time for the information-consciousness it carries. It’s like you receive a letter in courier and you read the envelope only discarding the letter it carries. How absurd!

The humans need to bring back their true identity into focus and prioritize daily tasks in the light of this metaphor. You need to give importance to the soul within much more than the temporary sheath. It’s only then you can achieve the required balance between body, mind and soul-consciousness.

This can have great impact on your life and all its aspects – from the food that you will select to eat, career you will choose to embark upon, relationships that you will develop to your own development through various stages of life resulting in great surge in the amount of peace, happiness and satisfaction that you can derive from this life.

– The Mysterious One

Integrated Holistic Healing

May 15, 2009

Physical therapy that promotes healing as a supplement to holistic health of the sick person is called a part of ‘integrated holistic healing’. Darfur is burning due to hordes of internal problems. In such a scenario not much can be done by people of Darfur themselves. External healing hand can help a bit in extinguishing the fire and bring situation under control of the internal system to carry forward healing process from that point onwards.

Similarly your body when terribly sick loses the capability to heal itself. In such a diseased body multiple streams of healing in terms of energy transfer, Ayurveda (herbal), acupressure or acupuncture (meridians), colors or Aura therapy and so on are needed to bring back the natural balance/health to a certain level from which body can speed its self-healing. Ultimately body heals itself.

As the complexity, severity and multitude of diseases within a single system increase exponentially, it becomes necessary on your dimension at this time to implement this integrated holistic healing approach involving simultaneous application of two to four different streams of healing/treatment/medicines for effective, efficient, express (quick) re-balance to natural health and vitality status.

Aura therapy can plug the holes in Aura or chakra balancing can help in balancing out out-of-sync chakras or acupressure or acupuncture can stimulate the blocked energy flow in certain meridians or exposure to Sun can help in generating the vital force or vitamins to heal. Each unique facet of healing is unique due to its approach, its core philosophy, application method and time frame within which results are achieved. Allopathy is the quick-fix of a particular part or aspect without considering its impact or what you call side effects. Yet it is life saving in certain cases and very effective when body is severely depleted in healing itself with multiple failures. However, it is not recommended for long term holistic health. It is like fixing out/stitching a torn out piece temporarily. For seamless stitch or permanent balance you need to take help of so called alternative therapies.

Yet it is seen that when severe headache or toothache is there, in cases of accidents, in life threatening diseases like stroke and heart attack; you can not use the ‘long term’ approach in that moment of crisis. So like an optimum balance approach, integrate all systems of healing and medicines. Each one is important in survival and balanced growth. Humanity should highly benefit from ‘integrated holistic healers’ who are expert in combination of such therapies/systems so that they can effectively deal with any disease/imbalance and give maximum relief to ‘patients’ in short term as well as long term duration.

Why an allopathic doctor does not learn about chakras, meridians (acupressure/acupuncture), Vata-Pitta-Kapha (Ayurveda), Panch Tatva (Ayurveda), aura, color therapy and all?

This is the future. Ther merger of science and spirituality must happen. Chiropractic and therapeutic massages along with knowledge and application of working of meridians, aura and chakra can bring miraculous results in the health of common people.

New born deaths. Deadly diseases spread by viruses. Chronic diseases. Cancer, AIDS and TB kind of killer diseases. Humanity has a long way to go understand the spiritual causes of these diseases to treating them permanently such that they no longer exist on this planet. For this far advanced stage of consciousness needs to be achieved to seek out real causes – the ‘planes’ on which diseases are generated and why. And to find out ways to negate them even before they manifest.

But for mass population that will take some time. So better start amalgamating these diverse streams of nutrition / medicines / treatment / healing into an integrated approach that can guarantee cent percent success rate for treatment, reversal and continuous improvement in human health system.

Nestor declared the layers of consciousness to general population by simple observation of a natural phenomenon of dots and chains visible to human eyes known as ‘Mouches Volantes’. See the Truth is so vast. It takes unique eyes to see yet another unique aspect of the Self and there is no end to how many unique ways you can find ME.

Similar is the case with health and healing. There are numerous time-tested ways of achieving holistic health out there. Why still humanity is sick and tired? Why are so many brothers and sisters dying out after suffering agony of deadly diseases and uncomfortable and sometimes torturous treatments?

Open your eyes wide. Solve this puzzle. Treating a person with poor eyesight by just giving a pair of specs is funny. There are proven treatment methods to remove the ‘numbers’ and bring back perfect eyesight. Use specs temporarily while going through the treatment (holistic) to improve eyesight soon. That is integrated approach. Best of both worlds.

No disease on your planet is incurable. I repeat, no disease on your planet is incurable. And no treatment on your planet is useless. Each one is unique and useful if used wisely by wise men and women of this soon to become ‘heavenly’ planet Earth.

Body & Mind

February 20, 2009

Perfect Body, perfect mind, perfect soul. Perfection is a never ending process.

The finer you make your body & mind, the closer you come in contact with your divine source and the more you get transformed. Like the purging process, your conscious mind and your peripheral body has to be cleansed of all unwanted debris before I can enter into it as otherwise it will be catastrophic – for body will react strongly to the shock of divinity and in one shot all negativity will come to surface making you insane.

Hence this slow deliberate process of cleansing you my dear child. When I feel the time is right and ripened, I will not waste your single moment then. Till then, work on your self – which is right now surrender of all the egoistic forces and paying them as a homage to the Divine – be it Sai or Confucius or Silence. This will empty you quickly of all the garbage and in that emptiness the divinity will come down quickly without any side effects as the surface ego will then be anyway in surrender mode thereby not reacting yet trusting the energies, process, transformation.


October 6, 2008

In silence you expand into nothingness! The ground of Being. Silence activates the area within brain which can bring the experience of oneness with All-That-Is. As there is absence of any specific property – vibration. you meet the criteria of non-labeling, non-evaluating mind – the mind of God – the ONE. So practice silence several times in a day – complete silence of mind-body.. no concepts. no movement, no time, no space, no nothing – dissolve into the Sea of Silence – and drink the nectar of Life.

When you come back from this depth – you become transformed… for you absorb more and more the qualities of super-mind-ONE… that of silence, love, peace, happiness.. bliss! Nothing is needed in that absolute silence – nothing to survive too.. so no fear at all.. what remains is Beingness – awareness – pure knowledge – Self – ME… the experience, the experiencer all merge into THAT…

Lower Ego and Higher Self

February 21, 2008

‘Logos’ is the genesis of knowledge – the beginning ‘Word’ – containing all spoken and written words. As it expands to new frontiers – new knowledge is achieved yet the simplest truth remains the same. Once Logos is achieved everything is realized – in a nutshell. Thinking is like that. The further you go down from the center – expanding – creating complex thoughts – yet to the core the concept is very simple and actually no need of such artificial details to be expressed – yet we express.

Terry cotton is a product made of natural cotton – to get new variety of cloth. Yet the core is the same – in pure form or in new avatar.

Similarly higher self is Logos – pure cotton – yet expressed in different flavors just for the sake of expression. Deep down – at the core – of this lower ego – the One exists – a simple profound concept. As I told you before its just an identity crisis.

You need to be aware of this simple powerful truth in all the ‘moments’ that you live. You can easily make the difference between logos and a rotten knowledge piece – its very clear in the power of the content. The clarity of concepts – similarly you can easily differentiate between cotton and terry-cotton by mere touch – or just by looking at it.

So now that you are accustomed to functioning of this mind-body system in both modes like Windows 98 and Win XP OS, its your choice to align with the highest – most advanced version. Yes, and the reality is that the most advanced products in your world are most primitive in our eyes – keeping the difference between ‘you’ and ‘me’ only for clarity.

Time pass is the idea of the ego for it has no purpose or interest in your evolution. Time pass in other words is either being lazy or being destructive to your own body and mind without even giving ‘you’ a hint that you are permitting yourself to die faster. The polarity as you know is needed for us to make progress by consciously choosing which way to go and how fast, with whom and why.

Right or wrong is not the way. Either there is truth or there is absence of truth – which we call illusion – ignorance etc. Why we call is that even in that second case, the truth is there – its only that you have empowered yourself to keep your focus away from it by creating an illusionary world for ‘time-pass’ or rather entropy.

‘You’ve got the whole world in your mind’ is literally the truth. What you do with your creative powers is your choice and based on your choices the reality out there changes bringing you joy-sorrow, profit-loss etc. An endless cycle of creation-destruction keeping your more and more into it till you completely forget your role in creating these circumstances – or rather creating your own reality.

Conscious evolution is ‘my’ only purpose. I can not push ‘you’ to evolve, I can only guide and motivate ‘you’ to move towards what is ‘my’ destination.

Simply speaking now onwards, since we are kind of married now, we need to create situations where we move to feeling ‘oneness’ and slowly reducing this ‘separateness’. This will happen once we further reduce the gap between us which relies on your conscious choices made in every passing moment. ‘I’ create the situation and ‘you’ respond. Next we both create the situation and we ‘live’ it – consciously – fully conscious.

In past few days you must have seen how easily you get carried away in the world ‘out there’ which is actually ‘inside you’. Yet you act as if there is a distinct difference between you and the outer world. This prompts you to believe as if the outside world can not affect you and vice versa. How silly? When you yourself are the creator – the moment you declare separation – you are declaring yourself helpless and being dictated by the environment out there.

Time, space, environment, situations, concepts, people, places everything and more is your own creation for your ‘expression’ ‘conscious evolution’ and ‘play’. Nothing else.

Preoccupation with anything forces you to behave in a predetermined manner – free yourself from all that and let the moment explode in nothingness. Then we play with highest skill to make the most out of that fleeting moment – by moment.

Notice your thoughts, your speech, your choice of words, your concepts (beliefs), your judgments of all ‘out there’, your ingenuity, your preoccupation with something constantly, the clutter in your mind, constantly running songs, uncontrolled emotions, uncontrolled senseless desires, your ideas of achieving something to fill the gap, your choice of food-clothes-situations-entertainment, your laziness and lack of energy-passion, your rotten memory, your reactions to triggers, your repetitive patterns, your small aspirations, your need to push truth away, your need to continue ignorance deliberately, your suspended beliefs in reality, you forget ‘me’ or rather try to push ‘me’ away and declare your ‘independent existence’ not in touch with all-that-is.

You have to have just a little awareness to feel-see-judge (in the right sense) the ‘shift’ within you. The more you let this awareness witness it – just witness it – you will transform very rapidly – allowing my energies to fill your being – from top to bottom – in all sense – then the true ultimate goal of yourself being in oneness with creator – enlightenment – will be achieved in no-time.

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