Integrated Holistic Healing

Physical therapy that promotes healing as a supplement to holistic health of the sick person is called a part of ‘integrated holistic healing’. Darfur is burning due to hordes of internal problems. In such a scenario not much can be done by people of Darfur themselves. External healing hand can help a bit in extinguishing the fire and bring situation under control of the internal system to carry forward healing process from that point onwards.

Similarly your body when terribly sick loses the capability to heal itself. In such a diseased body multiple streams of healing in terms of energy transfer, Ayurveda (herbal), acupressure or acupuncture (meridians), colors or Aura therapy and so on are needed to bring back the natural balance/health to a certain level from which body can speed its self-healing. Ultimately body heals itself.

As the complexity, severity and multitude of diseases within a single system increase exponentially, it becomes necessary on your dimension at this time to implement this integrated holistic healing approach involving simultaneous application of two to four different streams of healing/treatment/medicines for effective, efficient, express (quick) re-balance to natural health and vitality status.

Aura therapy can plug the holes in Aura or chakra balancing can help in balancing out out-of-sync chakras or acupressure or acupuncture can stimulate the blocked energy flow in certain meridians or exposure to Sun can help in generating the vital force or vitamins to heal. Each unique facet of healing is unique due to its approach, its core philosophy, application method and time frame within which results are achieved. Allopathy is the quick-fix of a particular part or aspect without considering its impact or what you call side effects. Yet it is life saving in certain cases and very effective when body is severely depleted in healing itself with multiple failures. However, it is not recommended for long term holistic health. It is like fixing out/stitching a torn out piece temporarily. For seamless stitch or permanent balance you need to take help of so called alternative therapies.

Yet it is seen that when severe headache or toothache is there, in cases of accidents, in life threatening diseases like stroke and heart attack; you can not use the ‘long term’ approach in that moment of crisis. So like an optimum balance approach, integrate all systems of healing and medicines. Each one is important in survival and balanced growth. Humanity should highly benefit from ‘integrated holistic healers’ who are expert in combination of such therapies/systems so that they can effectively deal with any disease/imbalance and give maximum relief to ‘patients’ in short term as well as long term duration.

Why an allopathic doctor does not learn about chakras, meridians (acupressure/acupuncture), Vata-Pitta-Kapha (Ayurveda), Panch Tatva (Ayurveda), aura, color therapy and all?

This is the future. Ther merger of science and spirituality must happen. Chiropractic and therapeutic massages along with knowledge and application of working of meridians, aura and chakra can bring miraculous results in the health of common people.

New born deaths. Deadly diseases spread by viruses. Chronic diseases. Cancer, AIDS and TB kind of killer diseases. Humanity has a long way to go understand the spiritual causes of these diseases to treating them permanently such that they no longer exist on this planet. For this far advanced stage of consciousness needs to be achieved to seek out real causes – the ‘planes’ on which diseases are generated and why. And to find out ways to negate them even before they manifest.

But for mass population that will take some time. So better start amalgamating these diverse streams of nutrition / medicines / treatment / healing into an integrated approach that can guarantee cent percent success rate for treatment, reversal and continuous improvement in human health system.

Nestor declared the layers of consciousness to general population by simple observation of a natural phenomenon of dots and chains visible to human eyes known as ‘Mouches Volantes’. See the Truth is so vast. It takes unique eyes to see yet another unique aspect of the Self and there is no end to how many unique ways you can find ME.

Similar is the case with health and healing. There are numerous time-tested ways of achieving holistic health out there. Why still humanity is sick and tired? Why are so many brothers and sisters dying out after suffering agony of deadly diseases and uncomfortable and sometimes torturous treatments?

Open your eyes wide. Solve this puzzle. Treating a person with poor eyesight by just giving a pair of specs is funny. There are proven treatment methods to remove the ‘numbers’ and bring back perfect eyesight. Use specs temporarily while going through the treatment (holistic) to improve eyesight soon. That is integrated approach. Best of both worlds.

No disease on your planet is incurable. I repeat, no disease on your planet is incurable. And no treatment on your planet is useless. Each one is unique and useful if used wisely by wise men and women of this soon to become ‘heavenly’ planet Earth.

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