Amitt Parikh – The Mysterious One

Amitt Parikh is a modern mystic, an author, an intuitive life coach and above all a seeker of The Truth. By integrating the mystical wisdom of the East, the practical logical mindset of the West and guidance from The Mysterious One, he gives clarity and inspires people to evolve towards a life full of abundance, joy and freedom based upon eternal truths!

He is a proficient writer, who has published many thought-provoking articles, short stories, poems and presentations in several newspapers, magazines, newsletters and websites.  He is the author of Conversations with The Mysterious One series, director of Parikh Info Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Producer at Amitt Productions and Executive Editor of Your Spiritual Revolution eMagazine.

Professionally he is a mechanical engineer, software programmer, CAD consultant, translator, editor, trainer and producer. Overall he has fifteen years of experience in IT industry and successfully running a business.

Amitt has undergone spiritual training and initiations from several great masters from India, USA, Australia, Malaysia and Europe. Some of the training & initiations received include Holistic Living, Kriya Yoga, Aura Viewing/Reading, Astral Travel, Chakra Meditation, Intuition Development, Past Life Regression, Reiki, Channeling,  Inner Power, Body of Light activation, Anand Siddhi Activation, DNA activation, Holographic Creation, Vipassana, Lucid Dreaming, Sun Yoga, Panini, Gnanvidhi, Samarpan Meditation, Mind Power, Instant Healing, Transcendental Meditation, Raja Yoga, Living Soul Development, Mind Projection, Quantum Jumping, Akashic Field Therapy, Aura Reading, Remote Viewing & Remote Influencing, Manifest Anything, Silva Ultramind, Mind Power Secrets,  Mind Accelerator, Memory Power, Ascension, Karuna Reiki & Cell Regeneration!

During inner transformation spanning over last several years, he had several paranormal experiences like lucid dreaming, astral projections, OBE, dual awareness, intuitions, visions of future events, remote viewing, mysterious manifestations, past life recall, dreams of parallel lives, mystical healings,  conscious channeling of divine beings, visions & visits of masters, blissful contentment and spontaneous clarity on eternal questions.

Being guided by the infinitely infinite Silence, referred as The Mysterious One, he went through different paranormal experiences in various stages of life to integrate them all and continue to evolve further.

He conducts revolutionary workshops like ‘Integral Mind Power for Intuition Development’, ‘Enacting The Mysterious One’ and courses like ‘Your Spiritual Revolution’. He also offers Individual Life Consultation Sessions for solving life problems, finding purpose of life, achieving defined goals and manifesting successful Integral Life by integrating and evolving in all aspects of life.

If you can start exploring possibilities, you will start surpassing all known boundaries.” – Amitt Parikh

Contact Details:

Amitt Parikh

Integral Mind Power
604, Sai Shrishti Chs., Plot 7,
Sector 8, Charkop, Kandivali (W),
Mumbai 400067, Maharashtra, India.

Mob: +91 08879661881


Email :

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4 Responses to “Amitt Parikh – The Mysterious One”

  1. Ramakrishna Says:

    Dear Amitt,

    Nice to know that you have the knowledge of the self. Very rarely one gets this knowledge, hence unique. Congratulations.


  2. Sannidhi Says:

    Hello Amitt:

    Yesterday, I read your article published in “Times Of India”, Hyderabad edition titled – “Grand Illusion” in “The Speaking Tree” column, I liked it very much. How truly said, but, still great many don’t realize the fact. It requires self-awareness and, lot of patience and practice – “satchitananda”!. Thank you very much for sharing such thought provoking articles.


  3. maniklalbiswas Says:

    i read grand illusion——it kicked me to know something most important——at my age of 60 when i feel myself lonely—how to go for self

  4. Latha Says:

    i read your article ,What a wonderful world , in speaking tree.
    It was really thought provoking.

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