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True Freedom!

November 18, 2011

Being able to rest in eternal peace at the depth of the ocean of silence and being able to play tirelessly like a child at the noisy shore – anytime at will – is true freedom!

Freedom is a Double Edged Sword!

December 9, 2010

Lol! You never know the secret mission of vampire world or the secret mission of dozens of underground sophisticated hate crime groups. You prefer to stay calm amongst all of this non-sense going on in this sensual world – cravings after sensory perceptions – tools misunderstood to be the end. Yet I AM fine with this –  just a infinitesimal part of this large experiment called Free Life! Free enterprise, free technology, free ideas, free press – everything that comes with freedom is a double edged sword – there are ample of benefits and there might be equal amount of problems – out of the same freedom. That which protects might be the weapon that hurts.

Every move taken by every individual for several reasons best known to them – yet all reasons arise from one reason – to live. Life is such a mysterious stream of energy that you just can’t ignore it – select any archetype – select any goal – still life will follow you and you will live – forever. That is the basic premise on which I built this world. Good, bad, worst, divine – everything and everyone is part and parcel of this Great Play, dear.

Your job is not to get entangled in it – as you have selected a different ball game. You not only wish to be the audience witnessing it -but you wish to be the higher management managing the play – making rules – creating infrastructure – and letting them play – not for judging them – but out of the love of the play. Let’s play that game now.

You need not at all get carried away in the nuts and bolts of the game. Your task is to get to the very bottom and very top of everything to get into that ‘league’ where you know the mechanics and the mystics. Enjoy the dinner but do not  try to prepare it – for you are only good at that for which you have ‘natural talent schema’ installed.

You are a unique creature dwelling in the isolated dwellings looking for pugmarks of the venturer who ventures all over without any footmarks.

Quest of the Unknown. Questions to the Unknown about the known to make known the Unknown!

– The Mysterious One

The Divine Lotto!

November 8, 2010

Systematically significant amount of time has been wasted by millions trying to figure out ways to predict that which is illusionary, random and pointless in understanding the vastness of nothingness, yet it cajoles you to experiment to strengthen the intuitive system of your brain to let go and let it get what needs to be offered as a homage to The Sacred Lotter, Sacred Joker and Sacred Player of the largest casino playing with infinite numbers of players on the lotto board of Life with uncountable quanta unpredictably orchestrated with freedom of choice making it impossible to predict the outcome of this game even by The One at One Level, which is the true beauty of this divine game – else it will be just a rehearsal of a scripted play – boring – non evolving – non educating – really unrealistically unreal!

Are We Intelligent Biological Robots?

October 26, 2010

A human being without a free will or freedom of choice will become a robot of The One Consciousness playing with them in the one theatre of nothingness – with no intelligent companions – no work as such – no desires – and yet manufacturing trillions of unique robots for no apparent reason! Sounds crazy? That’s the line of thought with open mind which puts forth the important eternal question of the position of a human being in the vast schema of ‘infinite universes’. Especially since unlike other creations – mankind – the evolved creature – has this ability of ‘thought’, ‘self analysis’, ‘theology’ etc., for existential questions. If no one individual exists and it is only The One Divine orchestrating all to perform various karmas from murder to moksha – what is this whole business about?

In your dreams, you are the sole creator creating several intelligent beings surrounded by you and you perform something, communicate with them, play, fight and make love with them. All in the infinite space of nothingness in dreamscape. What for? What is your motive to work out in dreams?

So here we have intelligent robots dreaming and thereby creating separate set of intelligent robots with no free will within the dreamscape? What  hints the nature is providing you when you look around to your creations in this moment? If I was to direct your dreams directly, do I lack imagination to create bloodshed, tortures, murders, rapes and all painful events in your (mankind’s) life?

You believe & you create. “make.believe” (Sony’s brand message) – it’s the other way around!  I gave you complete freedom and an open playground to be what you wish to be knowing for sure that there is nothing real in this dreamscape for you to be afraid of! All those dreams that you create while sleeping help you a lot in living as you wake up. The Observer is not only observing but living through your dreams. And each observer has this expandable consciousness within. It’s two aspects of a single  – consciousness / awareness – between which you are getting confused with dvaita/advaita. Both are true. Both are real for sure.

Freedom of choice is nature of Nature. Without that nothing can come into existence. It’s the quantum question. It’s the pre-requisite of love. Do you love a robot knowing that robot loves you? Can robot ever love you as a creator? What are the pre-requisite conditions to fall in love with anybody? For true love with a being? Get this and you get why you do have a free will as well as a free will to let The One directly direct your dreams when you become completely capable of holding the energies of The One, understand The One, loving The One and most importantly knowing at the core about the underlying Oneness of All That Is. That atonement is the highest a free man/woman achieves becoming at par with The One – becoming a True Co-Creator – after which a new story – a new dream begins – in the emptiness of vast Creative Nothingness – for a free soul – freedom from limiting beliefs and imbalanced viewpoints.

The soul – a unique creation – now lives on higher dimensions – as all that was to be integrated – dropped off – is done to be in sync with the higher energies – and higher order of freedom to create/play/live out of love for The One – and the never ending infinite playground of creative vaccum allowing endless dreams to be lived simultaneously for true expressions, evolution, experiences and existence of The Infinite One!

– The Mysterious One

In The Beginning…

March 11, 2010

In the beginning

Beginning of all

Complete darkness

No light at all

No sound no matter

Nothing else around

And then HE thought…

Let there be light

No darkness at all

Let there be sound

No silence at all

Let there be Stars

No emptiness around

In such a vast universe

No life at all

No one to talk to

No feelings at all

Existing in this vastness

With no one around

And then HE desired…

Company of intellects

To be loved & love’em all

In a world so beautiful

To be appreciated by all

Wonderful souls with freedom

No limits at all

That’s you and me

With HER all over

To exist and experience

And evolve forever

While HE rests unmoved

In nothingness forever.

Oneness & Uniqueness

November 15, 2008

Any guidance for rapid stabilization of higher self?

Do not worry about Fannie and Freddie mumbo-jumbo.  Disaster is the key to accelerated learning and potential for establishment of newer advanced versions of systems for future. Lucrative times have potentials of disaster within them, so and so forth. 

Re-member the times when you were not in body – the gap in time between your incarnations. The truth will be seen by your eyes about the logic of reincarnation, soul growth, super soul (as super consciousness or source). I am entwined with you but that does not deny my ‘separate existenece’ from you. Otherwise no dialogue as ‘such’ would have been possible between these two versions of myself. 

So in reality the oneness at core and ‘forms’ on periphery – inside out as well as out to in. The gigantic universe is within my mind and I am within smallest particle’s core. Same way I am within you and you are within me. Kind of paradox that you have learnt to find in absolutely every concept of creation. 

MOJO is a brand name to identify clothing of a particular company. But as such the cloth, the atoms within are all same at core. Yet the output, the dress is quite different from say brand X. Thus same way you all are made up of same core – yet the periphery – the conscious mind and resultant personality is quite different of Amitt or XYZ. Even in animal kingdom, choices being less, difference is less. The more freedom of choice, the more distinct uniqueness and variety we will get. Get it? 

Freedom of choice is at all levels – including soul level, spirit level and of course my level. So we pass on this right to each and every kind of level of creation. We have learnt to live with chaos and evolution due to this freedom aspect and that has proved to be the best choice for overall holistic growth at all levels. Mistakes are the real teachers – paving the way for understanding, compassion, expression and evolution. 

But you insisted on seeing oneness at all times?

Jesus Christ is the one who has preached this very well and yet he remains a unique creation amongst other fellow human beings with very few being able to match his skills of empath – doesn’t that fact itself prove a separate  unique individual called Jesus of Nazareth? 

Jesus of your mind and my mind are two quite different individuals. Strikingly you recall from the books you have read like Bible, FOC & likewise. Whereas Jesus to me is a unique phenomena spanning several life times on several planets – being a unique creation of love and compassion. So the underline is oneness of everything and everyone at core and uniqueness on periphery – this is the Whole Truth – if you understand it well, the miracles will be more effective and discourses more convincing…. 

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