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In The Beginning…

March 11, 2010

In the beginning

Beginning of all

Complete darkness

No light at all

No sound no matter

Nothing else around

And then HE thought…

Let there be light

No darkness at all

Let there be sound

No silence at all

Let there be Stars

No emptiness around

In such a vast universe

No life at all

No one to talk to

No feelings at all

Existing in this vastness

With no one around

And then HE desired…

Company of intellects

To be loved & love’em all

In a world so beautiful

To be appreciated by all

Wonderful souls with freedom

No limits at all

That’s you and me

With HER all over

To exist and experience

And evolve forever

While HE rests unmoved

In nothingness forever.

Poems by Poet

October 11, 2008

No poet is born – poems are born when a poet awakens from sleep! We all are sleeping poets.

The gigantic creation out there, propels any awakened person to sing a hymn of praise for the Creator – that is natural.

The poem was always there waiting for a poet to express!

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