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Dream Yoga

May 13, 2009

Quality of sleep dictates your next day. Sleep is very essential if you are not meditating or doing some yogic exercises to increase the ‘chi’ / ‘prana’ in your body as well as to psychologically settle the ‘scores’ by way of dreaming for peace of mind.

You can ‘let go’ sleep as you move towards union. For ‘I’ do not need sleep. I AM awake forever. Dream yoga is a system of exercises, teachings and dream analysis to achieve a state of no-dream and no-sleep. You day dream to work out what-if scenarios continuously in back of your conscious mind. Keep your eyes closed and focus on your internal world. You are dreaming right now!

Disclosure of a dirty mind or a pious mind are all there in dream state. Your dreams reflect what you hide from the world by wearing a mask of your personality pushed by ego. In sleep, ego sleeps and all your innate desires, frustrations, fears and emotions bubble up in the form of nightmares, bad dreams, strange dreams and so on. Working of a beautiful mind!

Dream yoga is good as an add-on to other systems of yoga for advancement on the path of ‘Great Work’. Divert your mind to being aware during dreams, to recall them fully and write them down with integrity for true state of your consciousness be reflected on paper.

The wisdom – the understanding of dreams – pushes your intellect and consciousness beyond boundary. You see the ‘real’ you whom you might be ignoring during day-time. Psychologically, you deal with problems that you push aside while being awake. These problems/issues are important for your mind to achieve higher balance and move forward.

Heights of consciousness can be achieved by systematic use of dreams, lucid dreaming and astral voyages to bring back the information, knowledge, understanding which would not have been possible while being awake in company of your ego and logical filter.

Smartly train your mind to relax heavily before sleep and do some yoga exercise to increase prana prior to sleep to achieve the optimum state for lucid dreaming while having full benefits of sleep for relaxation so as not to be fatigued during day time with lack of quality sleep.

Objects of desire once found in dreams to be dealt with squarely during waking state till they disappear from your dreams. Thus dreams will acts as a true mirror – like a master for you to point out your weaknesses, lessons to be learnt, giving hints of future, demystifying the mysteries of life and if you are lucky, will bring you face to face with your external and internal Guru. You can learn a lot during this ‘non-productive’ time in your language, for in higher realms this is known as highly creative and hence productive time of your day to day life!

Messiah or Master is within you and dream scape provides an excellent canvass on which master can paint or write or act out a scene to teach you what you must learn as of now. Take for example, fear. Dreams provide a perfect ‘setup’ for you to act out and see consequences of your actions without such events actually happening out in your 3D world. Fear of height – how about a dream in which you are on top of a mountain looking down and someone pushes you from behind. It is better to act out this fear in dream rather than actually being pushed off from a cliff! Right?

Turbulence inside the mind gives out chaotic dreams. The more peaceful focused mind, the more meaningful and ‘learningful’ dream will be. Even the most chaotic and funny dreams have something to tell you or process and strengthen your memories or vent out emotions or provide you entertainment!

Repetitive dreams, strange out-of-the-world dreams, strange messages spoken out loud and clear, dreams of characters unknown to you, situations/places totally strange to you are all very useful dreams and should be noted down to refer again and again till the entire meaning is grasped and birth given to innate wisdom contained within them.

Prolific writers, scientists, artists, dancers all have received their ‘inspirations’ during such dreams. A problem which was not getting solved for months by the intelligent ego, gets solved in a flash in a funny dream scenario. For those who have not been able to connect to their Higher Mind consciously, dreams provide the way to do so. Each one of you has a broadband connection to all the wisdom of universe if you allow yourself to connect you to your true Self.

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