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Stop the Animal Slaughter in MY Name

October 16, 2012

The animal sacrifices to please ME must stop. How absurd is the idea! Do you think I AM not happy at any moment? Do you think killing an animal that is My Self would make ME happy and grant you a boon? Would you cut off your own fingers to please yourself so that you can grant a boon to yourself? Do you understand how silly is this logic of sacrificing a living being, a being created with a body just like yours, emotions just like yours and a right to live a free life just like yours?

You don’t hear their screams, but I do, every moment. You don’t feel their pain, but I do, for it is MY own body. You invoke MY name, offer that dead body to ME and then share that prasad. It is the most shameful act you can do in my name, dear.

Live and let them live. Life – precious life – let them live as per their environment, laws, aspirations, needs and desires. They are designed for their own kingdom. Evolved with a certain degree of awareness just like you. An animal kills an animal for hunger in their environment. It does not suit you with this level of awareness and so much less evolved vegetable kingdom all around created for you.

Killing animals for food – dead food. Being vegetarian is the rule to advance to the next level of consciousness. Without love and compassion for the animal and plant kingdoms, there is no future for mankind. They hold the key to your ascension. As with everything, all of you are interconnected. They respond to your love and hatred in a sacred way. The mass killings of animals day and night on your planet will mean more and more screams around the Earth that do not die out. That negative energy is released as nature’s fury sooner or later. Do not think that they do not pray for their survival and evolution. The moment you invoke MY name to butcher them in MY name, they too invoke MY name to survive. The misuse of your power and intelligence to control, manipulate and harm the lower strata of consciousness immediately puts a break to your evolution further. For the rule of the game is simple – love and compassion for All That Is. By not exercising your Divine responsibility, you declare your separateness from All That Is – an invitation to pain, sorrow and aloofness.

– Excerpt from ‘The Oneness Revolution and The New Age Prophecy – Vol. 2″  by Amitt Parikh

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