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Secret Miraculous Mandalas

July 21, 2011

They are instruments of The Mind. Tools to concentrate your powers and activate psychic channels using imagery. As a map guides you to reach a physical destination, a mystical mandala acts as a map for the mind to reach a destination within the mind and activate that hidden aspect or is used as a tantra (tool) to fool the conscious mind and yet let the message sip into deep sub-conscious mind and make the desired impact.

Mandalas are used a lot in Buddhism, as they have documented the mystical effects of Mandalas on consciousness of seekers in their journey to acclaim Buddhahoood. Just as mantras offer a miraculous gateway using sound energies, mandalas offer a gateway using visions as the channel.

Your own personal mandala is waiting for you to recognize it and get activated to speed up your communication with  your Higher Self – as it is an indication of completion of a long lesson and a gesture that you have ‘arrived’. What is a mantra bestowed to a disciple by his/her Guru, but a similar kind of technology to have a personalized vibration to steer the seeker straight to the goal using mantra as a guidepost.

Let’s try to find out your own personal yantra/mandala using series of questions to open your mind to accept the possibility that you do get attracted to certain shapes and landscapes, tattva etc. and all those compose a specific design of yantra as your personal vibration.

What color, shape, thing, natural scene, symbol, animal, astronomical object, sound, size, surface or design do you ‘prefer’ over others?

Try to answer each using your very best guess or immediate answer or feeling and let’s see what we get.

– The Mysterious One

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