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December 20, 2008

Desposits are growing, spending is reducing… Your mindset is becoming over conscious – over conscious on money matters and security. Loss, theft, uncertainty, chaos, gambling… why bother so much over them – when you know for sure that the Kingdom of God is yours? This can of course also translate into tangible wealth – upto the point various other factors allow it. Manifestation science is one thing and mastering the science to avoid unconscious manifestation – distortion of truth – is another. One is based on greed to acquire more and more… while other is in search of Truth – Void.. to ensure what you manifest is for your and mine higher good. So the sequence of learning should be to know the Self first and then learn the art of manifestation. Same with all other psychic and paranormal powers including healing, teleportation…

What you miss if you miss the One-Self-Core is the very essense of how and why to use these applications for whom. With limited psyche getting these tools, he/she can use it for entertainment or self-glory, while Aware one will use it only in line with universal laws for highest benefit of All That Is and no other application-goal or unauthorised use.

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