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Stocks & Money

April 6, 2009

Stupidity – sheer stupidity. Unaware of the Law of Giving – you guys are obsessed with receiving declaring your eternal debt – pitiful. One with everything desiring everything as if he/she has nothing! The world of satisfaction as if just evaporated from your consciousness and got replaced with this insane fearful – wrathful world of slumber and chaos – degradation – funniest ever system of loopholes and loopholes as if prepared to crumble down any moment and yet sustained only by your greed and illusion – or rather stupid assumption that ‘havamahal’ can indeed float forever in this intelligent and just design of universe. Speculation – well, that word is dear to me – for I speculate everything from tiny dust particle to gigantic astronomical forms – for they are nothing but assumptions in my mind – and so is the speculation word of your indigestible money laundering and evasive tax regime and futures-options and crazy investment ideas and lofty fund managers and wealth creators and insurances – entire monetary system is nothing but a big blunder and shame on humanity – for you value that which has no value and you don’t value that which is priceless – beyond any numerical data – these values represent nothing ‘solid’ in your so called ‘solid’ world! Money is a mental concept – no trust – money gone!

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