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One Consciousness First

April 23, 2011

Progress on The Path entails many difficulties, which are nothing but your own variations of concepts not in sync with the ultimate Truth. All your issues, mistakes and desires can be traced back to just one and only one error in perception, dear. And that error is your belief that you are separate, God is far away, Universe is mechanical, electrochemical and magnetic in nature and that you are destined to die sooner or later. Erase all these wrong concepts from ‘your’ mind once and for all. Embrace ME here and now. Embrace me Here and Now.

Right Vision corrects this simple error in perception in all the moments of Now. Just use this correction ‘glasses’ and you ‘see’ the true nature of Brahman, your Self and all your brothers and sisters out ‘there.’ This immediately re-adjusts all your relations with the rest of the existence including nature, people, job, money, culture, country, God and life in general. That is why MY stress is and will remain on correcting this grave error first and foremost. The golden rule ‘Consciousness First,’ Make it still more accurate by saying ‘One Consciousness First.’ First of all, make this correction in perception at all levels in all systems – One Consciousness – whether it is about business, education, defense or politics. This rule must be applied to the foundation of all systems and from there restructuring is to be done such that this rule is not violated at any level of the organization. The Core is One – Many at the periphery with each one being unique.

Tarzan the ape man? Nope. Man the Divine God. Keep your eyes on this next level of evolution where once the Divinity within is recognized and applied in day-to-day life, you automatically make the jump – from ape man to Divine God, right here on Earth.

– From Conversations with The Mysterious One – Vol. 2 The Oneness Revolution and The New Age Prophecy

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