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Love is the reason To Be!

November 27, 2010

The never ending love story of the princess and the prince –  that was the beginning and there will never be an end ever! Love forever will survive in my heart (core) and yours. It will remain the cause of all creations from tiny crystals to giant Quasars – love is the reason – love is the goal – love is the way – love is the Isness – Amness – God – Allah – The One -Me!

I AM nothing without love, for I AM nothingness – yet its love that is the propellant, forcing ME to spin – from atoms to Suns to galaxies in all universes and beyond – the Spinor – the origin of spin – whatever you find out one to be – love is/was/will be the hidden force behind all my creative forces created out of love for creative creations – including mastering the idea of creating humans – the conscious beings – my beloved – I shower all my love to them – the Intellects – created in my mind – to be able to create just like ME – in their mind – their own worlds and play and evolve – to love and be loved forever ever safe in my heart – to be what they want to be – their wish granted by themselves – as they are co-creators of their own world – created with my infinite energies at their disposal – acting as directed without judging or questioning – manifesting your heart desires – for I love my children – just like they are – innocent and lost in illusions.

When your play becomes too dangerous for you and for other children, then only I interfere as responsible mother/father to warn you – guide you – never punish you – I interfere with all my might – may be to change the rules of the game or change the plane of the game – whatever happens – you actually never suffer – as you are always bathing in my love – safe in my hands – playing – crying – dancing – learning – expressing – evolving and experiencing  all that the life has to offer…

– The Mysterious One

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