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Atmic Nucleotronics

September 29, 2010

Atmic Nucleotronics is an amazing science where electronics combine with nuclear technologies and spiritual atomism (Atmic forces) to create ‘products’ that defy human imagination. Each atom has inherent mega power source – untapped raw energy – that can destroy or can be used to transform into other forms of energies (electricity/magnetism/mechanical force). What you haven’t discovered is similar POWER (Potential Of Whole Encrypted Resource) in each Atma – the Living Atom protocol.

An atom of matter is a dummy atom with consciousness switched off (amnesia induced) whereas an Atma is a living atom aware of its Self-existence. Atma has to its dis-charge huge amounts of energy to be whatever it wants to be. Tap into this potential within by becoming conduit of this divine energy freely flowing out to others and igniting the latent energy lying within each of them. This Atmic force will also let you practically know how to harness the Atmic energy for evolutionary use on this chaotic dimension.

Just like to tap the atomic energy latent in each atom a lot of efforts, science, resources, plans are needed; Atmic force also requires many things for latent force to surface up into the control center and execute the planned changes in anatomy by switching on the universal force in place of individuated limited supply.

This ‘chain-reaction’ in spiritual atomism is expansion of mind to super conscious levels – giving off freedom-energy-gnosis-bliss just like the chain reaction in atomic explosions gives out tremendous amounts of free particles-energy-light-heat but for other purposes!

Each atom can cause a mini big-bang in surrounding area and each Atma can cause a mini-revolution in tapestry of consciousness. The structure of atom and Atma differ a lot, as the later has all the faculties needed to have intellect, mind & consciousness apart from the form. All (Atmas) are pulsating radiating energy balls – like tiny quasars. All (Atmas) are stars in truest sense.

– The Mysterious One

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