Astral Realm

Energetic structures within the astral realm / dream scape are as ‘real’ as this 3d world structures are. Postpone a thing there and you postpone it here. Decide to take on fears here and you square them off there. Both worlds are intermingled just like everything else in this multiverse.

So you go to a place in this world. You go to similar places there. You associate with a demon there, and you find similar scary forms here. You meditate and recall your past lives here. You live out the residual karmas of past life there. Karmas are spent and balanced off there too if they do not have too much energy. Strong karmas need physical experience in this realm. Uncommon situations lead to newer possibilities. So being aware over minute things and energy fluctuations here will make you aware of the minute differences in reality and energy there.

Pardon off a relationship here and you play it out and balance it there. Have an unexpressed grunge for someone here and you fight it out in dreamscape and further exaggerate the situation in this realm.

For true fast progress, you take conscious control of both realms with same level of commitment, courage, faith and help evolutionary forces unveil your higher version on both realms – Higher Self manifested in astral as well as 3d world.

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