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Trivedi or Chaturvedi – knowledge of Ved and Upasna of Ved are quite different. One is knowing the truth and the other is living the truth in every moment. So your level of knowledge is good but more than that you should live your knowledge. Even if you grasp just one shloka or sentence from scriptures and live with it, you are much better than the person who has read the scriptures a million times.

If you learn the truth of ‘All Is One’ but do not practice it in this practical life – that knowledge does not ripen as wisdom. Wisdom is applied knowledge – lived truth. Wisdom is earned – wisdom can never be taught or passed by mouth or by deeksha. It has to be earned by living the life, learning from mistakes and being with the moment. Each moment has potential of leveraging the best of your abilities and sprout the seeds of wisdom.

Handfuls of such moments are enough to transform your entire life – inside out. So kill the boredom, mechanical life which runs on ‘auto-pilot’ mode. Be still, be active. Marry the Shiva and Shakty aspects in each moment – and the moment will blast into blissful existence, experience, expression and evolution.

Take care of ‘one’ moment. It will take care of your past and future. Do not dwindle when the moment brings you to face challenges. Just ‘be’ and that challenge will turn into golden opportunity to meet your true Self.

Las Vegas is famous for game of luck. Who ever wins the game of luck? Those who play! So even luck requires efforts, will, intention and dedication. There is nothing written on rocks. All moments are in flux – waiting for you to choose what to write on this flowing river of life – your destiny – written by you. Amen!

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One Response to “Knowledge & Wisdom”

  1. Paras Kochhar Says:


    To begin with ,I have been living on a supernatural support system or power or energy Example The air I breathe in, the sun’s rays that fall on my world every day and keeps me awake, the energy that allows my world to spin crazily on its axis round and round the SUN to keep the life cycle on…. And this has been happening before I was born and shall remain for millions of years…… for every single being and man in this world….. This support system is designed by some power or energy …..I call this power as ‘An Energy – GOD’. Soon , I found from my various observations in life that ‘An Energy – GOD’ has been transforming itself into different forms and shapes to take care of me & all of us.

    This truly signifies the fact that the house I am living in has everything made of GOD.Example The refrigerator I use that serves me cool – cold drinks so selflessly ,is made of GOD….the microwave oven cooks me food instantly and whenever I want …is made of GOD etcectra , etcectra…..So chocolates or GOD has taken different shapes and forms selflessly for me in this world & IS ready to work for me….all around me…….these things made of GOD have been taking care of my small-small needs also…..

    Everything is made of GOD as sages say in HOLY scriptures – Omnipresence of GOD….Does that mean everything is GOD ? YES.

    He IS whatever there IS ,only one 1.He IS whatever there IS NOT ,only zero 0.He IS what he IS NOT.That means my chocolate or GOD is one 1 and zero 0. It reminds me of what I learnt in school that computer works on 1s and 0s that is why computer is perfect.

    My chocolate or GOD IS not only ‘1′ or IS NOT only zero ‘0′ but even if I divide this 1 chocolate or GOD into zero parts (that is try and divide it into what he IS NOT or by zero or divide it into nothing )…… it will maintain its original form of ‘Infinity’ as one divided by zero is infinity.

    1/0 = Infinity.


    Paras Kochhar
    Stike out DIE from paraDIsE u get paras

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