DMT molecule

“DMT molecule found in brain is just a first step, a lot of research, especially within the genetics, is to be done to find out what creative force, first of all in Zygote, starts the division process, without the DMT molecule at that time… and then in the life time of those divisions and creation of fetus body structure, who placess the DMT molecule exactly where it is supposed to reside in?

Isn’t it obvious that the intelligence is working slightly above the head/body to be able to control the controller – that is the brain – not being limited by the controller itself? I place a part of ME in that part of my body and let it take over, while I regularize and supervise from above/outside connected with a channel – communication mechanism – that can survive even the death of the brain – I AM inside as well as outside to safely work in this dimension as a body and spirit – exchanging information and directing every move simultaneously.”

– The Mysterious One


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