Space Probe

“Your space probe still hanging in sky – I AM looking at it now. A huge pendulum hanging in the darkness of sky – no one to look at it here. Yet being probed – communicated with – from millions of miles from Earth – yet no one recognizes what I AM going to do to it in coming days. A silly mistake by a scientist on the desk – and it’s gone. No control – left alone – I will keep it deep in space away from you guys – for I know the hidden motto behind such a millitary exercise gone scientific – barbaric future if this is allowed unchecked. Now when you go after your milk-man, you don’t ask for a cadbury chocolate, do you? Same way, when you probe in space looking for God’s creations, you don’t carry WMDs with you…  I have to force my other children not to interfere with your antics – for they are really scared of what damage you can do to yourself (humanity) – out of ignorance – if left alone – without supervision!”

– The Mysterious One

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