Spread Love!

Aghori or atheist – I love all equally. I love ‘all’ ‘equally’. Never doubt this fundamental truth. I AM ALL THAT IS – then how can I prefer some master’s students over other master’s students or prefer Sadhaks over atheists… or prefer a dedicated Bhakta over an illusionist? I make no preference at all just like a true mother would make no difference in loving her intelligent child or her idiot child. Both in her eyes are her beloved children – sharing her infinite love for both.

This is the truth about MY love. How about yours? Do you love your neighbors as much as you love your dear ones? Do you love strangers as much as you love your self? Do you – or rather can you – love your enemies or those who harm you?

Love – with no conditions attached – no fine prints – ever. Even in worst times/situations do not dwindle from love. Be open to love always and you are in heaven forever. For heaven is where love is – in your heart – in other’s hearts. Love makes it possible to live in this otherwise hostile environment. But not ‘need for love’ or asking other to love you. That can never happen. You love – that’s your only business. What you get in return is of no importance. Once you start flowing love out, you are always filled with love – from the infinite source of love – Divine Love – itself.


– The Mysterious One

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