Speed of Time!


“‘Tic-Tic-Tic-Tic’ moves the time as shown by the ticking clock. Keep your eye on the ‘seconds hand’ or in case of a digital clock look at the seconds digits. Is it moving fast or slow?

Now sit with your friend and his clock. Look at your clock and then friend’s clock. Is time moving in same speed in both clocks?

Imagine flying in an inter-galactic vehicle flying at twice the speed of light (just imagine). You go for a vacation of one month and return back to Earth. How much time elapsed on Earth while you were vacationinig for a month on a different solar system?

Imagine a clock ticking near a massive black hole (I know what’s on your mind, just imagine theoretically!) and a clock ticking in outer space away from any astronomical object – what will be the time difference when compared to one second unit (Earth time) on both?

And here on Earth, think of a 20-20 cricket match and a five day test series – does the time move faster for 20-20 match and slower for the test match?

We can go on giving several examples to prove the point that time is highly illusionary – and is quite relative to the system, location and observer. No two persons perceive and experience time as same. In an event of singing, a singer is lost in his/her song, is almost in a no-time zone, while a person in audience who hates this song finds each second as long as a miute and is waiting desperately for the time to pass quickly and this song come to an end!

Therefore all my messages on time are basically to bring to your awareness illusion of time and eternity of present moment. Think over this deeply, understand it truly and ‘live’ each moment of eternity!”

– The Mysterious One


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