Chanting Silence!

Original transcript of a bhajan/hymn is only with the bhakta or the creator of that hymn. All those who recite it mechanically are devoid of prana that accompanied the original one. As that which springs from the heart of a bhakta bathed in love, is irreplaceable and can not be copied by others reciting it from mouth & mind. That is the secret of prayers, bhajans, mantra & japa. Even if you were to chant ‘mara mara‘ with utmost devotion and surrender and deep love for that Unknown One, that is going to be an effective mantra – no matter what it means. Mantra jap thus have to be of any specific vibration where you feel it touches your soul and has the capacity to carry you all the way to the infinite zone of Beingness.

Your mantra is the mantra of Silence – Active Silence – where observer remains and what is observed is Silence. This Silence being infinite in itself – takes you or rather helps you to make a direct dive into the endless tunnel of infinite nothingness forever.

Be The Silence.

– The Mysterious One

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2 Responses to “Chanting Silence!”

  1. harish Says:

    amittbhai touching hatu

  2. Hemal Says:

    True. Doing anything mechanically does not add value to the act. The inner feeling makes the difference.

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