EEL Workshop

(Channeled at conclusion of EEL workshop on 24.10.2010)

“Beloved, your task is over. My task begins with each belly and each eye to become  what it is destined to become – from superficial to Supreme – from eternal to beyond! The words, language can not define what levels are there waiting to be achieved. Portals within portals for you immortals. From health to heaven, from worries to wisdom, from certainty to uncertainty – to absolute certainty for the greater good of All That Is!

Signing off while switching on the path to Integral Evolution!”

– The Mysterious One

One Response to “EEL Workshop”

  1. Hemal Says:

    The workshop was a great learning experience. All the answers that came from you (channeled or otherwise) against the doubts, queries were truly spontaneous, to the point and appropriate.

    Also, for so many days the sky was cloudy. And today morning brought out a clear view of the Sun 🙂 Truly felt the ‘warm’ welcome.

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