Intuition Development Workshop

Intuition Development Workshop

Channeling Your Higher Self! 

Learn step-by-step protocol to develop your psychic abilities and learn channeling your Higher Self in this one day intensive intuition development workshop.

Integral Mind Power presents Intuition Development Workshop with focus on Channeling Your Higher Self. This is a revolutionary workshop designed to help you attain a successful integral life by solving your life issues with intuitive guidance from Your Higher Self!

One of the prime objective of IMP workshop is your Oneness with The Infinite One within and thereby activating your dormant psychic potential using scientifically designed, step-by-step, multi-dimensional Integral Mind Power Practice based upon time tasted ancient wisdom and latest science, technology and techniques.

This workshop will act as a catalyst for your speedy integral evolution and equip you with the tools, truths, technology and teaching to solve your current life problems and achieve your goals! Guidance of Right Path and techniques can save precious time equal to several lifetimes!

The Higher Logic Theory That Will Set You Free! Theory designed to rewire your brain with radical thinking.

> Oneness Revolution
> Speedy Spiritual Evolution

Amazing Practical Exercises – Experience the Paranormal!

> Activate Extra Sensory Perceptions
> Guided Meditations
> Increase your creativity
> Quick relaxation & Stress Relief
> Inspired Writing & Channeling
> Remote Viewing Experiment


Why should you join IMP workshop?

For Spiritual Development: All spiritual practices are aimed to connect you to your True Inner Self . One of the main objective of this workshop is to promote Oneness Revolution as guided by The Mysterious One and help you easily connect to your Authentic Higher Self – your Inner Guru who is available to you 24×7!

For Successful Career: IMP workshop can help you find career / courses / professions / opportunities best suited to your personality/passion/soul purpose and can be very useful for students for great success in all exams with increased concentration, creativity, intelligence and intuition!

For Wealth Creation: IMP workshop can help you make right decisions/choices that save you from losses and attract more abundance with exponential efficiency. Intuition can lead you to sustainable development by integrating your personal and professional life as well as lead you to the most suited business/job/profession/wealth creating opportunity.

For Better Relationships: IMP workshop can save you from people whose relationships can harm you in anyway by allowing you to read their energies beforehand. True understanding of oneness/uniqueness, can help you heal any damaged relationships or strengthen all your existing relationships.

For Higher Thinking & Intelligence: Thought provoking content releases you from limiting beliefs and trains you to adopt higher, wider and deeper integrative thinking to raise your consciousness to next level. A great quick booster for development of your Intellect.

Workshop will be conducted by Amitt Parikh, a modern mystic, a prolific writer, an intuitive life coach, creator of Integral Mind Power, Producer at Amitt Parikh Productions, author of ‘Conversations with The Mysterious One’ series and Director of Parikh Info Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Date: Next date to be announced From 8am to 5:30pm


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Testimonials from previous workshop participants:

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My Sincere thanks to Amitt sir for conducting the workshop on ESP and other basics that are very useful for one to start his / her journey on the spiritual path. Its my honest and unbiased opinion that all the information shared and taught to us by Amitt sir was very genuine and authentic. He is a gem of a person without any ego and shares all the information very freely. A totally non-commercial minded person I must say. He answered all my questions and clarified all my doubts without being annoyed or getting irritated even once. I must admit out of so many coursed attended I feel this was first such wonderful instance and experience. I generally do not write such reviews unless I’m truly impressed and satisfied with the services or workshop. I feel he gave us back much more than what he charged for the course as fees. I request him to conduct many more such workshops in future and be a guide and Guru to us and help us reach our spiritual destiny . All the best Amitt sir.  – Review by Ankur Puranik, Date: 19th March 2017. ; Email :

I had the pleasure to attend Intuition Development Workshop – Channeling Your Higher Self in March 2017 in Mumbai. Amitt grabbed the audience’s attention right from the beginning of the workshop with his thought-provoking questions and arguments. He has a profound knowledge in the subject, accumulated through years of hard-work and analysis. The wealth of knowledge on consciousness, self-awareness and spirituality shared during a 1-day-long workshop was overwhelming : I’m so excited to apply the techniques and wisdom learnt in my everyday life. Among the plethora of workshops available on similar topics in all the major cities of the world, Amitt’s workshop really stands out – I recommend this workshop highly to people who wish to learn rare techniques, people who dare to question themselves and people who wish to go beyond their comfort zones to achieve success in life. –  Mithun Mridha, Cross Cultural Trainer & Leadership Coach

“This workshop has been really an extraordinary experience and self revealing to what extent humans are a hidden treasure of knowledge and divinity. Simplified the most complex practices of meditation. My faith on the inner voice have grown stronger and fear of judgment has immensely reduced. Keep granting people the knowledge and I hope you would succeed in life.” – Ruchi Jayesh-Sunita Mehta from Mumbai

“I am quite impressed by your workshop. The whole concept was different and for me it was a totally new expreience. I personally feel all need such a good workshop as it will help us a lot in our daily life. Thank you so much.” – Heena Shah from Andheri, Mumbai

“Excellent! I found this workshop very digestible. Very nice effective techniques, meditations and very simple to do. I am ‘impressed’ by the content of the workshop, very much satisfying. I got the answers of the untouched questions, unanswered questions in a very convincing, understandable and logical way. Thanks a lot Amitt Sir for sharing the mysterious secrets!” – Badal Shah from Mumbai

“This course opened my mind to more subtle realities which I was not aware of. I definitely feel I am more intuitive now & know the technique to access the Higher Self for perfect answers & intuitive messages & knowledge. Thanks a million!” – Vivek B. Ganvir – Editor from Malad, Mumbai

“The workshop is very good with many exercises. It integrates many schools of thought. The facilitator is very dedicated and extremely knowledgeable. I could achieve a very deep state of meditation and could sense deep connection with my inner self. The facilitators question-answer rounds are good, the way he answers are convincing. I would like to come for more of such workshops.” – Dr. Ruby Ezekiel from Mumbai

“Very practical breakthrough type techniques to improve intuition. Technique to stop mind babbler was excellent. Amazing how I could pick up information from Unity consciousness even before being presented!” – Jennifer Berjis Gilder Reiki Master from Thane, Mumbai.

“Amitt’s research and study in spirituality is deep and very logical. It appeals to your mind and you really believe it.”
Reuben Moses Ezekiel – Software Engineer from Kandivali, Mumbai

“I really liked the workshop. Especially the scientific rationale and the approach you explained towards Oneness.”
Dr. Hemal G. Vajani – Consulting Homeopath from Vile Parle, Mumbai

“Excellent holistic presentation. The eternal truth emphasized a lot. The power of oneness logically and scientifically presented at its best.” – Mrs. Bharati Acharya – Volunteer in Philanthropic activities from Kandivali, Mumbai