Money, Passion & Spirituality Workshop – How to Make Money Doing What You Love!


A Transformative Workshop to Manifest Your Life Purpose

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Break Free from Old Patterns For Your Financial, Mental, Emotional & Spiritual Freedom

How to enjoy 100% of your material life and 100% of your spiritual life with Integral Yoga.

Leveraging Mysterious Universal Laws to Break Free in an Intensive 2 Days Transformative Workshop.

The internet is overflowing with information – on all topics and of all shades. Hence the emphasis of this course is not on passing on information, but to initiate and sustain CHANGE in your life for REAL TRANSFORMATION over a period of time. At the end of the workshop, I am sure your perception of life, purpose, passion, money and spirituality would have drastically evolved. And you will be geared well for integral success in life embracing all its aspects.

  • What is the Law of Karma & How to Change Your Destiny!
  • What is The Purpose of Life?
  • Finding Your True Passion
  • Creating Your Million Dollar Life Mission Statement
  • The Law of Abundance vs Economics of Scarcity
  • Decoding Your Money BlueprintUnderstanding Spiritual Millionaire Mindset
  • Integral Mind Power – Logic & Intuition
  • Leveraging Mysterious Universal Laws for Success
  • Powerful Active Meditations & Affirmations
  • Transforming Limiting Beliefs
  • Instant Manifestation of Emotions
  • Understanding The Truth of Manifestation Process
  • Following Your Ego Plan vs Your Soul Plan
  • Identity UpShift – A Breakthrough Technique

Come, join me in this exciting journey of Self Exploration and Self Empowerment!